Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are pajamas really that bad?

My brother in law always laughs about the types of people you run into at Wal-Mart. He always jokes that the common theme seems to be people shopping in their pajama pants and slippers.

Well, I'm starting to agree with the dress code. This morning, I was trying to get dressed and look slightly presentable. I have streamlined my "getting ready" process and can usually be done in about 10-15 minutes (thanks to having curly hair). 

After emerging from my bedroom, this is what I find. MESSES, MESSES, MESSES. 

In 10 minutes.

They did all this in TEN minutes.

the classic "unravel" of the entire roll of toilet paper
Courtesy of Scarlett

Go ahead and dump the basket of toys and then never touch a single toy after said dumping.
Courtesy of Harper

Owns more clothes than a Kardashian but still can't find the right outfit.
Courtesy of Ava and Harper

Screen doors are for wimps anyways.
Courtesy of  Dexter. 

So, my conclusion is that the people at Wal-Mart might very well be genius. Or drunk. Or both. Either way, I think wearing pajamas might be my personal dress code for a while. Due to what happens during the actual process, it is my firm belief that getting dressed is overrated. :)


  1. I am with you! My boys' progression today was "pajamas to totally naked to underwear." Ferris even asked me why I bothered to get dressed today (and by dressed I mean yoga pants and a workout T). If I take the time to go pee, someone will either wind up with a black eye, or draw squiggles all over my walls. Or tear up library books. We'll get there!

  2. Sorry to be depressing, but my 16 year old step-son STILL leaves messes like that all over our house, no matter how many threats I make and/or carry out or "responsible" parenting techniques I try to implement. You may be in for the long haul, so I'd buy extra pajamas!