Monday, April 30, 2012

What's your lullaby?

So, some may know this and others may not, but I love to sing. I'm no Adele, but I wouldn't consider myself as bad as Cameron Diaz in "My Best Friends Wedding" either.  Anyways, singing and music have always been a part of our family. Aaron loves music and is actually really good at writing songs and making beats/ samples on the computer. (Poor guy never gets the time to do it, though!)  My mom played drums and piano, and her grandmother could play anything by ear on the piano. (Man, I wish I could have known her!) My sister played piano and flute when she was younger. I used to love to sit next to my Meme (my dad's mom) at church because she could always harmonize so pretty with the old hymns. I still have sweet memories of lullabies that my Meme sang my sister and I when we stayed the night with them.  My dad can sound like any old school country artist out there (Randy Travis, Merle Haggard, etc).  I know I could find some awesome vinyl collections in my parent's attic. If my memory serves me correctly, my sister and I would spend hours rehearsing and collaborating our own rendition of Linda Rondstat's "Livin' in The USA" to perform to our parents. We would use the vacuum as the stand up microphone and we both fought over who got the kick ass piano solo.  (see video below)

So, it's no surprise that our girls are used to music. We always have something playing at home, whether it's Pandora, YouTube, iTunes, etc.  Some mornings, Ava doesn't even request cartoons, she requests CMT. (girl after my own heart!).

I have always loved singing to my girls at night. I sang lots of random songs to Ava when she was a baby, but the one she always requested as she got older was "Godspeed" by Dixie Chicks, (although she calls it "Dragon Tales"). I absolutely love this song and I love its sweet, simple lyrics.  Harper has grown to love it as well, and she even knows a few of the opening lines of the song.

So, I want to you have a certain lullaby that you sing consistently at home? I would love to hear it!  Below is the version from The Dixie Chicks and then the video after is Ava's own version. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

I have seen a lot of blogs that pick one day of the week and repost the same topic each week. For example, my friend Rachel does a "My Monday Pick" where she picks an adorable outfit or product for her daughter (or herself) that she is lusting over or has recently purchased. This Momma does a "Happy Sunday" where she posts a bible verse each Sunday. Another friend of mine posts a recipe each week.  I began thinking, What clever thing can I come up with, since I am definitely NOT a fashionista or an amazing cook or blah blah blah blah? 

So then it hit me. I could interview Ava every Thursday and ask her some silly, sweet, sad, funny, hard, or random questions and see what types of answers she comes up with! So there you have it, folks. The start of "Thoughtful Thursday" courtesy of my oldest girl! She is quite clever and not shy at all, so I hope she doesn't disappoint! I think it will be fun to print these off and save them for her, so someday she can look back and see her silly thoughts! Happy Thursday, everyone :)

1. "Ava, what would you do to help someone that is sad or having a bad day?"

"Umm..I would make them laugh! I would try and make silly faces, AND THEN, I would see if they could maybe make some silly faces back at me!" 

2. "If you could have any type of superpower, what would it be?"

"Umm, I would make me and my sisters be able to fly!" 

3. "Really? Cool. Where would you fly to and why?"

"The moon!!! Because it is big and round and really sparkly."

(In case you were wondering, the title of this blog has a lot to do with Ava's fascination with the moon. She has always loved watching it and whenever I ask her how much she loves me, she always says "to the moon" and my response is always "and back!")

4. "Who do you think the funniest person that you know is?"

"Scarlett!!!! Because she talks all the time but I can't understand anything she says!!!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Post!

Alright, alright. I give up! I am finally caving in to the world of "blogging." My main reason is to document the crazy, outlandish things that my kids say and do. Having three young girls makes it almost impossible to find time to sit down and drag the baby books out and try to remember things that happened last year, so I am hoping this blog will help me  do a better job of keeping up with life!

Spring is in full force here in Kansas, so we have been trying to maximize the nice weather. We went to a wildlife park and the girls had a blast. I actually think Aaron and I might have had more fun. I kept calling Aaron "Ace Ventura" because all the animals, especially these Lemurs, LOVED him!

Ava has really been into "patterns" lately. I guess she has been learning about them at school, so now she has to categorize everything into patterns. Needless to say, my produce has been found in some VERY random places...but at least it was in a pretty pattern! :)

We had a great visit from my parents (Nana and Papa) this past weekend. Harper was struggling with a cold, so she fell asleep in Papa's lap while she was playing with his funny glasses.

And one last fun sister found out yesterday that she is having a GIRL! Ava is so excited. She told me that "Shea needs to have a girl, because she only has ONE girl right now and that is JUST NOT ENOUGH girls!" hahaha. Anyways, she is due sometime in September, so we are really excited to have another snuggly newborn to throw into this crazy clan!  I am so thankful that my girls will have cousins close in age as they grow up. I can only imagine all the fun they will have!!! My sister picked up some pink cupcakes to "announce" the big news to Reese and Rory. They look pretty excited to me!