Monday, June 4, 2012


We decided to give the Wichita Riverfest a try. It was definitely a "people watching" event, but we did manage to do a couple of fun things, as well as spend about 100 bucks on greasy food! 

 The weather was gorgeous, so the girls had fun just running around!

These two little beauties are really starting to look alike! 

 Ava decided she wanted to try some of the inflatables. Harper wasn't tall enough, so she watched from the sidelines and threw a fit in classic Harper form! :)

Climbing to the top! 

Sliding down! 

We got some yummy snow cones and we couldn't stop laughing at how Scarlett mooched off of everyone the whole time! Ava referred to her as "the baby bird" :)

And finally, we ended the day by letting the girls get their faces painted! They absolutely LOVED it!

Ava sat perfectly still and obeyed all the rules quite nicely! 

Ava picked a mermaid design :)

purple lipstick

First time seeing it in the mirror. She loved it! 


Harper's turn! She wanted the exact same as Ava. I was actually surprised at how well Harper did at sitting still! 

Looking at her face in the mirror! 

Sisters :)

Pretty girl!! 


  1. Aww, they look so cute with their faces painted!

  2. They are all getting so big!!!! Pretty girls like their mommy :)